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NESDEV Nintendo related

AtariAge 2600, 7800, Jaguar, Intellivision

DevSter& Second Dimension Sega Genesis

TigSource Indie game dev discussion

BASIC and Other Game Making Tools

BasiEgaXorz Unmaintained Sega Genesis BASIC Compiler & IDE

SecondBASIC Sega Genesis BASIC Compiler & IDE

​batari Basic BASIC compiler for the Atari 2600

QB64 QuickBASIC-like compiler for PC, OSX, Linux and Android

Retro gaming represents much more than nostalgia. By providing new and used classic gaming products we hope to bring back the fun.

Retro Game Publisher Storefronts

Gemintronic Game Panic 2 for the Sega Genesis

GoodDealGames Old and new retro games

Second DimensionNew Genesis and NES games

Piko Interactive Stuff for retro systems

Software (Mostly Free)

LibreOffice Free office suite

Irfanview Image viewing

​VLC Media player  VLC 2.0.8 Old version with MIDI support

OBS Record and stream videos

AVG Best free anti-virus but tries to sneak in offers

CCleaner Clean out temp files

Double Driver Back up your drivers

Piskel Great palette based sprite editor

GIMP Bring out the free professional drawing tool!

TurboCASH Accounting software

NOX Player Android device emulator

Ubuntu Almost usable for beginners Linux distro

Audacity Sound editor

Infrarecorder CD/DVD burning

Notepad++ Robust text editor and universal IDE

RKillRun this before other malware removal programs

Combofix Start here for malware removal

Adwcleaner Must have malware removal tool

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News & Entertainment

Slashdot News for nerds, stuff that matters

OSNews Exploring the Future of Computing

BoingBoing Directory of mostly wonderful things

Engadget New techie stuff

Futurism Transformative technologies

Ars Technica  Basically the same articles as Slashdot

Phoronix Linux related stuff


Hotmail from Microsoft

GMail Googles offering

Yahoo web based mail Somehow different from AOL

Mailinator Throw away email accounts

SharkLasers Works where other temp email don't

Online Tools

Lunapic Image manipulation

Jotti File malware scan

Atari 2600 Label MakerFor 2600 carts

BabelFish Translation

YouTube Playlists

Valuetainment The #1 Channel for Entrepreneurs

Leonard French Copyright Attorney and swell guy

Zaric Zhakaron Mostly RPG lore and playthroughs

Journeys TV Live Streaming Gaming & Retrograde Episodes

Motivational Search for motivational videos